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Master Cylinder (Extra Secure Cylinder, Anti-bump, anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-twist, anti-plug pull)


Research shows that the most vulnerable and most attacked part of a steel door when involved in an attempted break in is the cylinder. Although the standard cylinder we supply with our doors is a fantastic security cylinder, we are now able to supply and install a new innovative product which is up to date with all the latest technology in cylinder manufacture. This cylinder is tested to BS EN 1303:2005, BS EN 1634 PART 1: 2000 and also TS007: 2012. It has the following features which aim to make it impenetrable and offer the highest level of security possible:

  • Anti-Bump
  • Anti-Pick
  • Anti-Snap
  • Anti-Drill
  • Anti-plug pull
  • Anti-twist
  • FD30/60
  • Kitemark

We have the ability to supply these cylinders loose which can be retro fitted to doors which you may already have to increase the level of security. Also we can supply them installed into new doors which you purchase from us to make sure that the door is as secure as possible.We can also offer Master Keying and Keyed Alike to these cylinders to offer a whole range of suiting options for you or your client.Please feel free to call our sales team on 860-379-0055 and they will be more than happy to help you and discuss your requirements.

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